Patients Testimonials

She is the best neurologist in the world.No words to describe her.She is awesome and next to god to my family.No can beat her.She is calm and polite??.

She is very understanding and well experienced Dr. Got to meet Dr Neelu desai after a big research on internet in the search of Child neurologist. She is the best!

She is the best child neurologist, very knowledgeable and understanding. Thanks for all your support Dr Neelu. Good bless you!

My son who is 1 year 5 month old suffering from Tuberous sclerosis (TSC) which is rare genetic disorder , My son use to get seizures , I met know doctors in Mumbai , but when I met Doctor Neelu Desai , I felt she is the best Pediatric Neurologist & Epitologist in Mumbai , Trust me ,one of the best doctors in Mumbai , I urge all parents to meet Doctor Neelu Desai , I understand what parents go through especially when we see their children in seizures , I am so confident that Doctor Neelu Desai will bring Smile on your face . Thank you so much Doctor (Neelu Desai) , God bless you and your family Thank you so much

She is awesome. Very much perfect guidance. Very well experienced. God bless You maam.

I met Dr. Neelu Desai after my family physician recommended her for my child. After meeting her, I am satisfied with the kind of treatment and consultation she provides. She is a Great Doctor. Thanks Doctor

Me and my wife met Dr. Neelu when my son's prolonged fever was not properly diagnosed and his health was detoriating day by day. After we met Dr. Neelu, with her great experience she could understand the neurological issue my son was having. She ensured right direction & immediate treatment that helped my son to move towards recovery. It happened to be a special case and fortunately we came across Dr. Neelu at the right time or things could have become worse. Appreciate the prompt and proper guidance without which it would not have been possible. Thank you so much Dr. Neelu!