Event & Publications


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Dr. Neelu Desai has authored books, presented papers and participated as faculty at various national and International conferences. She has given guest lectures at various conferences and institutions and has been part of DNB teaching program for Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Sion Hospital.

She has also been a Faculty as well organiser at various National and International Pediatric Neurology conferences viz Child Neurocon, Neuropedicon, Pedicon, etc. She has organised various EEG courses and also is the zonal coordinator for Pediatric EEG Course. She is actively involved in various research projects at Hinduja hospital and Sion Hospital, Mumbai.

Book chapters

  • Chapter on ‘Metabolic Disorders of Nervous system’. API textbook of Medicine. 2014.
  • Chapter ‘Approach to Benign epilepsy syndromes of Childhood’- IAP textbook of Pediatric Neurology, 2013.
  • Chapter on ‘Drug Resistant epilepsy’. Pediatric Neurology. Recent Trends in Pediatrics. Volume 2 2013
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