Dr. Neelu Desai caters to treatment of children with

  • Neurological emergencies- status epilepticus, meningoencephalitis, coma, stroke
  • Complex epilepsy- drug responsive and refractory epilepsy with special competence in presurgical evaluation, Ketogenic diet and other alternative therapies.
  • Developmental disorders- Developmental delay, Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Headaches
  • Movement Disorders
Dr. Neelu Desai is the best child neurologist in Mumbai. Her special interest is in the emerging field of Neuroimmunology and Epilepsy surgery and she is the epilepsy specialist in Mumbai. She also specializes in electrophysiology reporting including EEG, EMG/Nerve conduction study and Evoked Potentials and known as top most child neurologist in Mumbai..


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  • Epilepsy - Almost 1% children suffer from epilepsy. Most adult epilepsy also starts in childhood. Though 2/3 of epilepsy is well controlled with one or two antiepileptic drugs, 1/3 are drug refractory. Dr Neelu Desai has special expertise in drug refractory complex epilepsy. She also has considerable experience in ketogenic diet, epilepsy surgery and vagal nerve stimulation.
  • Developmental delay - Delayed motor or language milestones in children is a cause of concern for parents. Causes can be multiple, some of them completely treatable if recognised early. It is important for parents to know the red flags for motor and mental development in children. If a child is not babbling by 1 year or speaking 1-2 words by 16 months, parents should immediately contact their pediatrician. These children need a thorough evaluation which may at times consist of blood tests, MRI, EMG, genetic and metabolic disorders screening.
  • Immune mediated disorders - In recent years, a lot of interest has been raised in neurological disorders due to autoantibodies or defects in immunity. Various demyelinating disorders, neuropathies, epilepsies, behavioural disorders and even encephalitis like illnesses have been attributed to autoimmunity. Dr Desai has a special and keen interest in following up these patients. Most of these disorders can be completely cured with timely treatment.
  • Cerebral palsy - 2-3 per 1000 children suffer from cerebral palsy. These children have problems in movement and posture due to lesion of brain acquired in early life. They need a comprehensive, holistic evaluation by a multidisciplinary team. Hinduja Hospital has Child development centre comprising of a team of therapists, psychologists, orthopedics and neurologists who monitor these patients in a joint CP clinic.

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